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Excessive lip injection is painful to look at : Stop torturing people

The number of people with bad botox procedure in their lips is alarming. Let's put aside self-confidence, fuller lips and feeling good about yourself. I would like to know why people have excessive botox injections?. In as much as people have the right to do what they want, how they want, everything should be done in moderation. Botox lip injections are not for everyone. Beauty procedures are getting out of hand, the number of self-taught or practiced beauty procedures is growing by the day. People are getting addicted and just can't just stop. Facial procedures are very delicate because they can uplift your look if done right and degrade your look if gone wrong. You have to be very careful because what worked for your friend might not go well with you. People want to have the same as their favorite celebrity but forgetting that a lot of money has been invested in their procedures, funds are available for proper checkup and health management.

A lot of ladies have very alarming lips, robust, looking really painful to touch. Too much botox is bad and you need to understand the disadvantages of this procedure before even accepting this toxin into your lips. Botox should look natural, it should not look like you are feeling so much pain and not look painful to touch. It is very uncomfortable to look at when it is excessive. It hurts in the eyes when looked at honestly. Unprofessional big and flabby lips that don't look natural is not sexy. Nothing sexy about a lip looking like it might burst in a minute and splash watery substances on us. Botox doesn't go so well with every lip shape, your natural lips are your best lips, I totally do not subscribe to facial procedures only if old age demands it or health purpose. One thing you should understand is that when your procedure especially lip botox injection looks fake you lose the credibility and reason for your actions, people look at you like he/she went to a cheap doctor, she did it herself, it's a wannabe, side statements when you are around people and all that.

Learn to love yourself the way you are and if you have to change anything, please be moderate and go to the right doctor.


  1. That's just way too much work done. I kinds want to get botox in my forehead.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. you are absolutely right Melody!!! Too much lip injections always look bad.


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