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Kim Kardashian is going to be a lawyer, would you let her defend you?

Kims new vogue cover is wow and totally stunning. In the magazine she reviewed that she will soon become a lawyer, everyone is shocked as to how that might be possible until I watched the wendy williams show where she explained how that might be possible. Anyways I just want to ask a general question
  would you let Kim Kardashian defend your case if she offered to do so?

Photo belong to Kim K.


  1. Maybe. It would depend on whether or not she had put in the work and really knew her stuff.

  2. Well she is driven and she works really hard She also has discipline so why not xoxo Cris

  3. I definitely would say don't underestimate her! I think she could be really good x

    Lauren |

    1. Well, everyone deserves a chance to show their ability.

  4. I totally would. I love how she makes an effort to help random people that are in jail and deserve their freedom even if she did not have to. She doesn not know any of them and I appreciate that effort so much.


  5. She is doing a good job.

  6. She'd have to prove herself first, just like any lawyer I'd consider. Celebrity would not give her a free pass.

    Great question, Melody!

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  7. Anonymous4/29/2019

    Dressed like that she could do anything she wants to me lol, id commit a crime just to call her up to get her to defend me.


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