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Reasons why fanny packs are the appropriate bags to carry during the winter period.

Transitioning from summer to winter is usually difficult for non winter lovers, one major problem I face is what type of bag to carry during winter period, knowing how much protecting your body generally is very important, our hands face a major stress and exposure when carrying our bags in this cold weather. The funny pack is the best bag to go with during the winter period, it is stylish, comfortable and protective.
Here’s several very practical reasons why fanny backpacks or waist bags are perfect for the cold season.
1. Makes running around very easy and outgoing.  You get to hold up your pants and you get to keep your bare necessities in it while at it.

2. You can go completely hands free. Hands in your pocket while your bag comfortably sits on your waist, chest area depending on where you decide to put it,
3. You don’t have to use it as a fanny pack. It works as a shoulder bag, cross-body bag and a fanny pack. Who doesn’t love a wardrobe multi-tasker? I do.

4. It looks amazing over a coat or a blazer. It’ll also hold them down, so there’s none of that floppy coat edge action. As long as you pick the right shape, size and material, you’re good.


  1. Oh I love those bags. This is a good idea because wearing jackets makes it hard to carry certain bags comfortably.


  2. Love your red fur ;)

  3. This is cool! Love the bold shades! Great bag too!
    Raindrops of Sapphire

  4. I love both backpack and belt bags: look so cool and comfy! :)

  5. These all look so amazing! You're totally right!

  6. Lovely! Those bags is so pretty!


  7. Oh I love how you styled this trend!

    District of Chic

  8. I have yet to try out fanny packs, but these are some compelling reasons to do so. Thanks for sharing.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  9. 9ice post Dear ………keep posting!!!
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  10. I love your fashion sense and style. you are very great and everything looks good on you.

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  11. Lovely bags! Can't go wrong with any of these classics. Fab fur you got there too dear.

    Jessica |

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  13. Very cute bags! I like them all :***

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