Monday, August 20, 2018

Social media has done more harm than good

Every time I come across some posts on any social media, Instagram in particular, I begin to wonder what our generation will become in years to come. We are in a generation where almost everything is accepted and morals have been replaced with the freedom to express yourself.

Has social media done more harm than good? Can you take a moment to think and reflect on how much good social media have impacted your life and how much positive vibe you get each time you visit your favourite social media? I can not skip the good work social media have done like creating job opportunities for jobless people, creating danger awareness, exposure in general, meeting new people, staying close to the world by one push.
In as much as in everything there is good and bad but you will agree with me that humans have a higher tendency to emulate the wrong part even as they have the freedom of choice. Personally, I have learned a lot on social media, I make money from my social platforms but the bad influence seems to be the order of the day. This is more about how you use it personally but in general, I think that social media has done more harm than good.
Priorities have been misplaced, people basically live their lives based on the influence of another person, celebrities or trends. A lot of people have lost it and are yet to realize how deep they have drowned in social influence.

 So many families, relationships and marriages have been brought down all because of how much exposure they got on social media. A little issue between two couples and it's all over social media. When a lot of people are involved in an issue, you have both bad and good opinions, and at this point, it is very difficult to decide. People need to learn to keep marriages and relationships issues away from social media if they can't handle the pressure.

Job hunting:

Personal life
Some people share basically everything about themselves on social media, do you ever think there is something special we are willing to know personally about you when we meet you in person? not considering the risk in recent times. Kim Kardashian's robbery didn't ring any bell to you? she was monitored via Snapchat.

Internet phishing is one of the most lucrative businesses going on here in Ukraine, it is not regulated.
 The type of content you put out there says a lot about you. Note life is not all about social media, it may seem that way but look way deep you will see beyond that. Pornography and nudity are all over social media and moderation cant be exactly controlled as new pages are created per min each day. Be careful of what you view, it influences your mind subconsciously. Our thoughts germinate and are watered by what we see.

Internet addiction:
Fake lifestyle/ Competition
A lot of people are living in their shadows, not everyone showing off money and wearing expensive items on social media own them, do not live your life trying to fit into a circle. People have become thieves trying to fit it, some have gone into dirty lifestyles just to stand out. Not all hustles you see is for real, people put out business pages and underground they do different things. You are your biggest competition, don't allow the media to push you.
Some people Show off things that they don't own, going to the extreme just to post content to please their followers and viewers. I was seeing a movie about a lady who basically lives a fake lifestyle on social media. she literally goes into stores to try on clothes and take photos, she later graduated by stealing the items which led to the biggest disgrace of her life. Not all that glitters is gold, are you already too familiar with this phrase? live by it and you will enjoy life in the most realistic way and form. 

Hidden Identity:
 I am a Christian from birth, and as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, I have come across lots of provocative content belittling and mocking my belief. This can spoil your day and make you feel way down. Sometimes if you reply to this content it turns into cyberbullying and an Internet clash. People blaspheme and say different things online since they just sit at home in their comfort and press the post button. I have refused my belief to be tampered with, No one regulates believe assault, we are all entitled to our opinions but we shouldn't be stupid about it. 

Likes and comments
Getting likes on your photos is important for any business page on social media. 
Has Social Media Done More Good Than Bad To Teenagers? social media can be quite addictive to teenagers today. It is all about liking, following and updating status', they get addicted and spend too much time on the Internet: but can it go too far? 
*Exposure to harm: There is not much protection online and I.D theft, when people pretend to be someone else. There is too much inappropriate content and 'pop up windows', you could meet dangerous people, there are no limits on how far you can go. 

Harmed privacy

Peer pressure and cyberbullying is a major problem. Suicide; A really shocking fact is that over 100,000 people commit suicide on Facebook per year. People don't take others seriously online and even when someone updated their status to 'taken all my pills, gonna kill myself, bye-bye now.' Nobody said anything to help this person. it can be because of stress, bullying or other problems. Do not be a victim of cyberbullying, block anyone who posts or drops negative and humiliating comments and articles.

Unregulated, unfiltered information.

Fraudulent activities
This a very broad topic and it is done in different ways, starting from social network hacking to dating sites and even fake websites. Bank accounts are hacked and people lost all they have worked for in life, money sent to the wrong hands, etc.
Online stores and shops selling items that never get to the buyer, some send you what you didn't order for pretending it was a mistake, people even order for things that never arrives its shipping destination, individuals get expired products, products not well-formed or even products which are not registered exposing themselves to very big harm.
 Gambling Online has been modernized and a lot of males are doing it. Gradually, they get addicted and want fast and easy money leading them to fraudulent activities and theft. There is dignity in good labour, never forget this.

Do the right thing and be moderate with everything you do. People have been killed due to what they put out there, people have lived in their shadows and when they realized it, the time has gone way too far. A scam is basically what some people fall back to when they start getting impatient with life. A lot of people have been scammed of their life savings via social media. Cut your coat according to your size, protect yourself and be wise and enjoy the social influence with style.

I will love to hear your view about what you think of social media causing more harm than good? Leave a comment below. Have a lovely week.
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Ref: Prezi, debatebase.org.


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