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Let dirty people learn how to be clean before entering into a relationship with clean individuals or date dirty people because dirty people don't make corrections. Keep in mind that health is wealth and that only healthy individuals can have a nice time together and operate properly. Melody Jacob




Teami  colon tea : is a tea that helps with exactly what the name states: your colon. This tea will help your digestive system get  rid of the body of toxic waste, improve digestion, and seriously help with bloating and gas. For the cleanse, this tea is taken before bed every other night.

The TeaMi Blends 30 day detox is a program that runs over a 30 day period and consists of two different teas: TeaMi Skinny and TeaMi Colon.

The ingredients in Teami Skinny are: Yerba Mate, Oolong tea, Jiao Gulam, Lotus leaf, Lime leaf extract, ginger root, and Rhubarb root.

Teami Skinny is a unique blend of all natural ingredients that help boost metabolism and suppress appetite, reduce bloating, increase energy, and aid in the digestion process. You can drink as much as you want, as there is no laxative effect. For the cleanse, I drank this first thing in the morning. In the bag there is enough for a 1tsp serving every morning. It might not look like a lot, but in the Teami Infuser, the tea expands to fill the whole thing when it steeps. It’s pretty cool. The taste is good, but isn’t very strong, which I’m okay with. I was able to drink it without any additional sweeteners but sometimes I added lemon, it was enjoyable.
How I felt?
The feeling the morning tea gives, is kinda normal, no much effect Immediately, but later on I felt a little boost of energy. I Urinated more than usual during the day.
With the night tea, the effect was very different. I had stomach cramps, which usually comes with a sharp pain that wakes me up in the morning. I had mild to moderate diarrhea which lasts for a few hours, but I felt lighter and better afterwards.
Overall performance, I saw changes most especially in the abdominal area and waist. I felt like my body got rid of a lot of toxins, which improved my metabolism and helped me bubble with energy and strength.

Want to try Teami?
Even if you don’t want to commit to a full 30 day cleanse, Teami has 5 teas you can buy individually:
Teami Skinny– straight from the cleanse, you can buy an individual bag of the yummy morning brew
Teami Colon– Also from the cleanse. My recommendation for any digestive system that needs a little help. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!
Teami Profit– A tea built to keep your body at its best. Helps strengthen the immune system, detoxify, help with your complexion, and control appetite.
Teami Energy– 6 natural ingredients make up this energizing tea that promises it can replace your morning cup of coffee. I am very interested in trying that out.
Teami Relax– a 100% natural sleep aid containing ingredients like lavender and chamomile to help calm both the muscles and the mind, aiding in a restful night’s sleep.

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