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The Grey Storrist pack from Beta Brand, is not only comfortable but stylish. It has a 48-liter storage capacity. This pack is designed to keep your camera and every other delicate items well protected. It is durable which deals more with the material, hard and made with high quality fabric.
Before purchasing a travel bag check how comfortable it is, also size the bag by checking length and adjustments. It features reflective detailing.

Now that your delicate items are well protected, what about when it starts raining? or during an escape moment that involves swimming,  this bag is water resistant, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. A space have been provided for your laptop, the outer design also gives you a space to attach your mat and other items.
I have always wanted a bag that features all these qualities. The comfort of carrying one bag, that has the right space to put everything and know that it is well protected is an added peace to the mind. Beta Brand cares for your travel, you can also purchase travel jackets and the most comfortable travel shoes which is on my wishlist for next month.
This bag is available in three colors, Grey for versatility, Yellow for a lively colorful travel, and the green for a stylish and trendy travel.
Visit for more details.

Look who is wearing pink today, not even close to being completely girly, anyways that is my choice for my Maya swimwear, breezy and sexy. The brand is all about femininity and glamour for active ladies.
While packing, I carried along my black high neck one piece from Maya swimwear. It features an open back, perfect to add for travel hence the color.
 Made with high quality Lycra fabric, elastic to fit, the size is perfect.
What do you care about in a swimwear? to me everything is involved.
I love the simplicity of the x crossed back style. To purchase please visit Mayaswimwear. You can get my shoes from Casnaboty.
 In my next post i will be writing more about my swimwear. Subscribe to the newsletter so you don't miss out on the goodies our newsletter offers.

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