Everyday we work hard, we do something same way or differently. We want to be better and we always get lesser or more, nevertheless keep pushing. I will not tell you there is light at the end of the tunnel because you might just get your breakthrough by the roadside.
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What is summer without swim wears, vacations, music, drinks and dirty eating lol. It was a cold day but i had so much fun shooting and meeting new people, Thanks to my friends who came out to support me.
We left home for Arizona Swim club, nice environment but we weren't  impressed with the food. Anyways we got back happy and sound after so much fun.
Cant get enough of my swimwear from Ysabel mora, the fitting is just perfect. They have one of the hottest swimwear collection which has been featured in top magazines and shows.
Trendy swim wears just like the single piece with print, comes in all shapes are sizes. It is one of the most popular trends, with an elongating body effect, giving you a more sexy body shape. 
Mixing two trends in one swimwear, like the printed swimwear and one piece, tops the 2016 swimwear chart. This swimwear has both a retro and an English look.
Cant forget how comfortable this swimwear is, gives your bum a round shape and a perfect cup breast size.

Something so special about Ysabel Mora swimwear, they are made with Thermal regulating fiber that straps body heat, making it very comfortable for  you to swim in winter. 
Nice package inside an exclusive swimwear box, arrives on time, no damage was made and delivered to my door step. Purchase my Swimsuit here.
What are you thoughts about the swimwear and the model? Hot or Hotter, lets know below the comment box. 
Thanks to my team Evg photos and Makeup by Chioma for the glow.
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