Today which is the 25 of June 2016, brings lots of good tidings, My king was born today, graduated same day last year and this day is also a significant day in my life. So much to celebrate. I took this photos on my birthday but am sharing it today because we celebrating  Today. I want to use this medium to say a happy Birthday to my Sweetheart Kebin, and also to all the graduating students congratulations. It gladdens my heart to see all your Facebook and Instagram posts. Keep staying strong and pushing forward. Got lots of sweet people and friends from the set of 2016, i will really miss them, Thank so much for making me smile.
Summer can be fun if organized the right way, getting everything planned, set and followed, will make summer fun.
What you need for summer are very simple basics.
A pair of UV protected sunglasses which is why i cant go out without a pair, your eyes should be always protected from the sun. A very good affordable store to purchase quality sunglasses is El Roy eye wear, you also get chic, trendy and funky statement sunglasses. I am wearing the Aspen Black,  with a black lens, Mable design which is one of the most trendy designs.
You can get the swimwear ideas by clicking on the link.
Comfortable summer shoes.
Denim shots.
Towels and cover ups.
Beach bag.
Summer dress including tops and skirt.
Get the denim jacket.

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